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2012/5/17 Daniel Carrillo <daniel.carrillo at gmail.com>

> 2012/5/17 Tio Oscar <tioscar at gmail.com>:
> > Hi, other question he he.
> >
> > Need to analyze the nginx logs, wath tool (open and for Linux) recommend?
> > (if is web based and make graphics better)
> Since logs are fully customizable you could use the "usual suspects":
> awstats, webalizer or others.
> Probably in these days the best option is real time analyzers, like
> google analytics, xiti, etc.
> Hope this helps.
> Kind regards.
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Now is too late form change the log format (need parse recents logs. And i
need it for a webservice app. I can't integrate a web based service as
Google Analytics, etc.

The only thing I really need is to calculate the requests according to the
time of day.

Now I think that makes my own script.

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