Would like to implement WebSocket support

Alexandr Gomoliako zzz at zzz.org.ua
Fri May 18 14:14:44 UTC 2012

> I want to use websockets in my appliaction server. My provider has
> always in front of the application server an nginx-server.
> And since nginx currently doesn't support websockets I have a problem.
> So I just wanted to ask, how is the progress about proxiing websocket
> communications?
> I would be very great and I could imagine that other users may ask for
> that, too in the near future.

I've been playing with websockets for awhile now and I don't think it
can make a difference for your provider. Real time web application are
really expensive to handle, each frame costs almost as much as
keepalive request, but you don't usually expect hundreds of requests
from each client every second. It's like streaming video by 100 bytes
at a time.

So, it has to be some kind of frame multiplexing over a single
connection with backend and even then it's still a lot to handle.

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