nginx on windows keeps hanging

asmith nginx-forum at
Sun May 20 07:47:09 UTC 2012

Without PHP_FCGI_x lines system got so much slow. I had to put them
back. I noticed in the task bar there are always 1 or 2 php-cgi.exe
processes while it must be 4. I splitted cgi.bat file into four
individual files each handling one port. Now I have 4 php-cgi.exe
processes and system is working even faster than before without any
failures. Thanks! without you I couldn't figure it out.

Since I'm holding task manager open, I see that sometimes cgi processes
get closed and that causes upstream errors again. Why they are getting
closed? is there a closure timeout for inactivity?

Also since we're at it, how do I calculate my exact settings? number of
cgi processes, max_requests, children? (i'm planning to go with php-fpm
on ubuntu)

Say in my busy hour, I have 150 users online. each one sending a request
per second. Should I calculate every page request with their images and
scripts, adding one request for each?

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