Preparing for Large-scale Wordpress MU Usage

CheezItMan nginx-forum at
Fri May 25 00:14:07 UTC 2012

Thanks for the reply.  I'm running Quick cache, but still
reports failed connections at 250 and 500 users.  I'll try supercache,
it previously didn't really help multisite (except the root of the

The new version of Supercache does seem to work better.  However running with 1000 people connecting I still get 100 or so timeouts and
a few errors.  Granted it's 100 or so timeouts out of several thousand
but still....

W-Mark Kubacki Wrote:
> Hi "CheezItMan",
> 500 users are not much, except you're running
> everything from a tiny
> ARM-powered machine. Come to think of it, even
> that will suffice. ;-)
> Make sure to install a static-site generator for
> Wordpress, "WP Super
> Cache Plus" for example (perhaps your "ms-file"
> cache already does
> that; didn't look into it). Then it will be Nginx
> serving static files
> most of the time. Gzip_static module for Nginx
> helps, too, provided
> your caching-plugin generates *.gz files along
> with the uncompressed
> ones.

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