php-fpm works with some sites but not others?

Adrian Hayter adrianhayter at
Mon May 28 16:07:46 UTC 2012

This is a weird one, and I'm turning to the mailing list as a last resort
after searching for a few hours to no avail. Our server hosts a number of
websites, each with an individual nginx config file. We recently had to
replace the hdd, so I backed everything up and reinstalled on the new
hardware. I got php-fpm running again and started to add back sites.
Everything was working perfectly, until for some reason one site just
failed to show anything.

I made sure the permissions were correct, and the nginx config file hasn't
changed. One bizarre thing is that a call to phpinfo() returns "File not
found", but I can't seem to find a fix for this online. It also doesn't
explain why phpinfo() works perfectly on about 4 other sites. Has anyone
come across this error before?
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