php-fpm works with some sites but not others?

Adrian Hayter adrianhayter at
Mon May 28 16:53:48 UTC 2012

On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 5:48 PM, Edho Arief <edho at> wrote:

> Many times, ranges from incorrect file permission, incorrect service
> privilege, incorrect root, incorrect alias, incorrect rewrite,
> incorrect try_files, incorrect location, incorrect variable, bug, etc.
> Not sure if that helps.

All permissions look correct to me. I very much doubt it is something wrong
with an alias / rewrite / try_files since this is the same config that only
a few hours ago was working perfectly well on the old install. What doesn't
help is that there don't appear to be any errors in the logs (i.e. nginx
logs just log 404's rather than PHP errors, and the php-fpm error log has
just startup info, despite me turning error reporting on to the maximum).

> I don't even know how you set up your config... (one instance per
> host? One file per host? One "set" file per host? One big file?)
/etc/nginx/sites-available/ <-- Individual config file per host.
/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ <-- Symbolic links to sites-available.

PHP is working perfectly on 3 other sites, and one of those sites has an
almost identical config file (only thing changed are the names /
server_names, etc).

Adrian Hayter
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