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Wed Oct 3 08:27:35 UTC 2012

Rami Essaid wrote in post #1034227:
> Thanks for the note and the clever workaround. We were able to tweak
> this
> to work with but then it still left a lot of the other functions we were
> using such as deny/allow, limit_con, ect not working.  Instead we went
> back
> to amazon and it turns out they were able to correct the behavior of
> their
> load balancer.
> I wanted to report back on the performance of putting nginx behind an
> elb.
>  We compared elb to haproxy and on amazon's cloud we got better
> performance
> through the elb than we did an haproxy instance. There is minimal impact
> on
> end user performance for adding this extra step.  We did this for
> redundancy to allow us to automatically fail over to another zone if the
> current zone or instance go down.
> Happy to answer any questions about the setup.
> Rami

Hi Rami,

We are looking to implement this on our web servers - did you have to
change the default configuration of the ELB?

Would you be able to copy and paste the final configuration of nginx
that works?

You help is much appreciated,


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