joomla and zend

Sander Klein roedie at
Mon Oct 8 09:06:50 UTC 2012


On 08.10.2012 10:49, Sander Klein wrote:
> On 08.10.2012 10:15, Edho Arief wrote:
>> On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 3:07 PM, Sander Klein <roedie at> 
>> wrote:
>>> Just one more time,... nobody who can help me with the following?
>> I think you're not clear enough what problem you encountered.
>> Additionally, using alias is painful.
>> I'm not familiar enough with Zend but I guess something like this:
>> location ^~ /web-app/ {
>>   alias /usr/local/share/web-app/public/;
>>   <maybe a try_files?>
>>   location ~ \.php$ {
>>     <php fcgi directives here>
>>   }
>> }

the apache config I use is:

<VirtualHost *>
         DocumentRoot /some/path/to/site
         Alias /webapp /other/path/to/webapp/public
         SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV env_for_webapp

In the documentroot the is a joomla website which I got working with 
the config used here:

Now I only need to get the webapp working which is a zend application.

So, if you go you get the joomla site, but if 
you go to you need to get the webapp. I 
just don't know how to get that working.


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