Rewrite and FastCGI.

Thomas Martin tmartincpp at
Thu Oct 11 07:47:50 UTC 2012


2012/10/10 Francis Daly <francis at>:

> Having re-read the docs, I can see that the interpretation could be
> made clearer. Can you suggest any wording that might have helped you
> understand then, what you do now? Maybe it can become easier for the
> next person ;-)
> Would adding a link to
> have helped, do you think? It is an example rather than complete
> documentation, and it leaves out the "^~" thing, so maybe it wouldn't
> have been directly useful.
English is not my native language and I'm really bad at it so this can
be the explanation of my misunderstanding. :/
Anyway maybe the section about location could be reorganized a bit to
explain possibilities ([ = | ~ | ~* | ^~ ]) in a dedicated part.

> That looks reasonable. "^~" only matters if you have (top level) regex
> matches -- which here, you don't.
> (Avoiding top level regex matches makes it very easy to know which
> location{} will match any particular request. That's usually considered
> a Good Thing.)
Ok, good to know.

> In this case, you want different fastcgi_param lines for different php
> scripts -- so repeating the common config (by using "include") and adding
> the specific parts, like you have done, is probably the best way.
Thanks for this confirmation.

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