Http 1.1 chucking support

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On Oct 16, 2012, at 9:35 PM, rattyshack <duanemulder at> wrote:

> Hello list.
> So we are running nginx 1.2.4 and when connecting with an svn client using the service library nginx is returning the following error.
> XML parsing failed: (411 Length Required) 
> From what I can tell I need to compile in the httpchunkinmodule. However the module was last tested on the website with version 1.1.5.
> Does 1.2.4 have support for httpchunkinmodule?  And how would I use it.

The author should be able to answer in full :) There's work ongoing to make full chunked encoding on input work out of the stock nginx. Should be ready somewhere around Dec 2013.

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