Can I use nginx as a normal proxy (not reverse proxy) to a internetwebsite?

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Thu Oct 18 10:37:26 UTC 2012

Hello All,

I'am a rookie with nginx configuration and would be glad if someone could
help me.

Can I use nginx as a normal proxy (not reverse proxy) for an internal
application to the internet. 

For exmple:
I have a application "XYZ" located in my internal network. This application
need's secure access to an official website in the internet over ssl
( I would connect this application to the official
website over nginx-proxy located in the DMZ. The nginx-proxy should listen
to port 7443 and forward the request to the official website

My questions:

Can i use the nginx proxy in that way described above?

Can anyone post me an example-configuration?

Is it necessary to configure a ssl-certificate on the nginx-proxy and set
the ssl-parameter to "on"?

Thanxs all for support me!

Best regards


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