.htaccess style support in existing nginx

rahul286 nginx-forum at nginx.us
Thu Oct 25 06:08:31 UTC 2012

First, we can use "watch/monitor" files in linux for changes and execute
some command based on it.

Now, for a site lets put a ".nginxaccess" file to hold site specific
configuration (file will be writable by PHp, etc so web-site can update it)

Then we can put in main site config "include $documentroot/.nginxaccess"

And also start a daemon to watch "/var/www/path/to/site/.nginxaccess".
Whenever any changes are detected in "/var/www/path/to/site/.nginxaccess" we
can test nginx config and reload it.

I will be giving this a try to see what issues I may face...

Please give your suggestions/opinion/alternative approach...

Goal is to allow wordpress like web-apps to update a site-specific nginx
config file AND have nginx auto-reloaded new config.

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