Multiple URL parameters in the same location directive.

Barry Abrahamson barry at
Sun Oct 28 04:35:06 UTC 2012

On 10/27/12 11:59 PM, Quintin Par wrote:

> How can I combine them into one line?

You *could* combine them into one line using a regex, but I would not
recommend it - it will be more complicated to maintain over time and
less readable.  I would recommend putting all of your common
configuration directives into a separate file and including it in each
individual location block.  Something like this:

location = /robots.txt {
	include common-config.conf;

location = /sitemap.xml {
	include common-config.conf;


I would also be sure to read the documentation on location syntax [0] to
understand the differences between exact, prefix, and regex matches so
you are sure to use the correct type for each pattern you are trying to

Hope this is useful.


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