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Mon Oct 29 08:19:01 UTC 2012

On 28  Oct2012, at 21:00 , AJ Weber <aweber at> wrote:

> Thank you for the reply!
> Is it better if I rebuild without the debug information in the binary (for performance or other reasons)?

No, debugging symbols has neglectable impact on performance and RAM usage,
you need to strip binary only if you want to save disk storage.

>  If so, are there some recommended options to pass to cc-opt and/or ld-opt?
> Thank you again!
> -AJ
> On 10/28/2012 11:57 AM, Sergey Budnevitch wrote:
>> On 28  Oct2012, at 03:24 , AJ Weber<aweber at>  wrote:
>>> I was attempting to build nginx 1.2.4 from source, and include the chunkin module.  I also included the autolib module, because from what I could understand, it would help reduce the need for some of the other source/devel packages to build.
>>> I ended up with a clean build, but nginx is 6.3MB, and the version I installed from a binary package is only 813KB.  So I'm wondering whether this is normal or what happened, and basically how to test my build now.  Is there a test-script package or anything that can verify that binary I created?
>> It is normal. Your binary contains debug information and version from package is stripped (man strip).
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