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Mon Oct 29 17:13:01 UTC 2012


I cross-compiled nginx for microblaze processors
( and am currently doing some performance
benchmarks with nginx running on a microblaze processor with a custom
designed SoC on a FPGA.

However, I am having problems with the memory consumption of nginx:

When I perform 10,000 requests with 20 conn/s and 2 requests/conn (using
httperf - 1), memory used by nginx grows to about 40 MB.
When I repeat this benchmark, the used memory grows from 40 to 80 MB.

The problem with this behavior is that my SoC only has 256 MB of RAM in
total (the file system also runs completely from RAM using a ramdisk).
Therefore nginx crashes the complete system by consuming all memory for
longer/extended benchmark scenarios.

Is this the intended behavior of nginx? Why isn't it "re-using" the already
allocated memory?
Any hints on how I can circumvent or track down this problem?



1: httperf --timeout=5 --client=0/1 --server= --port=80
--uri=/index.html --rate=20 --send-buffer=4096 --recv-buffer=16384
--num-conns=5000 --num-calls=2

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