Site URL not completed. Bad redirection ?

Francis Daly francis at
Mon Oct 29 20:57:29 UTC 2012

On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 09:57:54AM -0400, gerard breiner wrote:

Hi there,

> It works too but it seems there is a redirection that doesn't work. My url :
> https://sogo.mydomain give a page error 403 forbidden. I have to complete
> the url with /SOGo so that I get the login.

If you don't tell nginx about the redirection you want, you can't expect
it to work.

You have five locations defined:

> location ^~/SOGo {
> location /SOGo.woa/WebServerResources/ {
> location /SOGo/WebServerResources/ {
> location ^/SOGo/so/ControlPanel/Products/([^/]*)/Resources/(.*)$ {
> location ^/SOGo/so/ControlPanel/Products/[^/]*UI/Resources/.*\.(jpg|png|gif|css|js)$

The rules are at

The last two above are unlikely to do what you expect.

The initial request is for "/". That doesn't match any of your locations,
and so will use the "default" server-level one.

Probably what you want is something like

  location = / {
    return 301 /SOGo/;

but you may prefer to use a full url, starting "http".

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