Memory consumption of ningx

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Wed Oct 31 11:28:58 UTC 2012

VBart Wrote:

> It most likely that your system memory allocator do not return freed
> memory to the OS.

How can I check this? I suspect this should be part of the OS (Linux)? Could
you give me any keyword to read more about this?

I looked at /proc/meminfo after the first and second batch of requests.
The newly allocated memory is categorized as "Active(anon)":

> Active:            36976 kB
> Inactive:          59280 kB
> Active(anon):      34376 kB
> ..
> AnonPages:         34400 kB


> Active:            71092 kB
> Inactive:          60088 kB
> Active(anon):      68428 kB
> ..
> AnonPages:         68452 kB


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