Achieving strong client -> upstrem_server affinity

Srirang Doddihal om.brahmana at
Sun Sep 2 18:56:53 UTC 2012

Hi Maxim,

Thanks for the explanation. I understand "upstream" and "proxy" much better now.

>> All requests to the concerned upstream servers are sent from only one
>> location and that location has proxy_next_upstream set to off.
> Anything like "keepalive" ommitted in the upstream block snippet
> posted for clarity?

Nope. The "upstream" and "location /http-bind" blocks are posted
verbatim. Nothing is removed or changed in those two blocks.

> The only case in the code which allows request to be passed to
> multiple upstream servers with proxy_next_upstream set to off is a
> failed request in a cached connection (this case isn't quite
> correct either, but it's (a) known issue and (b) rather uncommon
> under normal conditions).

Since I am not using "keepalive" for my upstream servers I am guessing
we can safely rule this out.

Lets see if something comes out in the test setup.

>> I am setting up a test environment to isolate this issue. I will get
>> back with more details a little later.
>> Is there anything specific that you want to capture?
> Nothing special, just nginx -V (and it's better to make sure there
> are no 3rd party modules/patches), a minimal full config to
> reproduce the problem, and a debug log.  Much like the link above
> suggests.
> Once you'll set a test environment you may also want to check if
> the problem is still reproduceable with latest nginx.  As
> far as I understand Ubuntu currently ships nginx 1.1.19, which
> isn't as old as it can be keeping in mind Ubuntu is Debian
> derivative ;), but there were several important changes in
> upstream infrastructure since then.  While I don't recall anything
> which might affect "proxy_next_upstream off" case, it's always
> good idea to test latest version.

Cool. Will try out the latest version too.

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