how can I block the attack like this?

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Thanks .
But it seems WAF can only support nginx which version is lower than 1.2.0.

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what I see is that you want to block XSS attacks and code injection, that is why I recommend a WAF


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If the user is coming from the same ip address you can block it in your iptables or firewall.


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WAF( at possible solution?


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 Hi all,

Today my server was attacked. After checked Nginx access log, I found logs like below: - - [04/Sep/2012:20:27:41 +0800] "GET /member.php??username=xxxx&rndnum=-1777927191 HTTP/1.1" 500 186 "-" "-" "-" - - [04/Sep/2012:20:27:41 +0800] "GET /member.php??username=xxxx&rndnum=-1777927191 HTTP/1.1" 500 186 "-" "-" "-" - - [04/Sep/2012:20:27:41 +0800] "GET /member.php??username=xxxx&rndnum=-1777927191 HTTP/1.1" 500 186 "-" "-" "-"

It seems the attacker was using some tool to attack my server. You can see that the user agent / browser version are blank.

Due to I can't block the blank user agent (some web browser is using blank user agent, for example, UC), is there any way can I use to block this kind of attack?


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