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David Yu david.yu.ftw at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 05:19:08 UTC 2012

On Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 1:06 AM, Joshua Zhu <zhuzhaoyuan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> We are excited to announce that Tengine-1.4.0 has been released. This
> is the first release of the 1.4 development branch. You can either
> checkout the source code from github:
> https://github.com/taobao/tengine or download the tarball directly:
> http://tengine.taobao.org/download/tengine-1.4.0.tar.gz
> The highlight of this release is the dynamic module loading support
> (http://tengine.taobao.org/document/dso.html). We now can load modules
> upon demand instead of having to recompile nginx with the individual
> modules. It is very convenient for module developers and corporations.
> And as this release, Tengine is based on Nginx-1.2.3.
> Complete changelog is as follows:
>     *) Feature: added the dynamic module loading support (a.k.a. DSO),
> so we don't have to recompile tengine when we want to add a new
> module. (monadbobo)
>     *) Feature: updated the Lua module to the latest stable version.
> (chaoslawful, agentzh, jinglong)
>     *) Feature: added json and csv format output for the
> upstream_check module. (yaoweibin)
>     *) Feature: added the 'log_empty_request' directive which could be
> used to turn off logs from a connection without HTTP data.
> (zhuzhaoyuan)
>     *) Feature: added the 'concat_delimiter' directive to the concat
> module to allow adding delimiter between each file. (dinic)
>     *) Feature: added the 'concat_ignore_file_error' directive to
> ignore file errors and the syntax of concat is less strict now.
> (dinic)
>     *) Feature: added the 'default' option to the 'error_page'
> directive to set all error pages to default values. (jinglong)
>     *) Feature: added the 'priority' directive of the procs module.
> (yzprofile)
>     *) Feature: added the 'delay_start' directive of the procs module.
> (yzprofile)
>     *) Change: merged changes from nginx-1.2.3. (zhuzhaoyuan)
>     *) Bugfix: fixed a segmentation fault bug of the geo module when
> 'range' was set without default value. (yzprofile)
>     *) Bugfix: fixed a segmentation fault bug with the procs module.
> (yzprofile)
>     *) Bugfix: fixed a socket leak bug when upstream_check was
> enabled. (yaoweibin)
>     *) Bugfix: fixed some bugs of the limit_req module. (monadbobo)
>     *) Bugfix: fixed wrong format types with error logs. (yaoweibin)
>     *) Bugfix: fixed a compile error if the perl module was used with
> procs. (yzprofile)
> For those who don't know Tengine, it is a free and open source
> distribution of Nginx with some advanced features. See our website for
> more details: http://tengine.taobao.org
> Have fun!

Very nice!  If you have a benchmark comparing performance with compiled
modules vs DSO, please do share.
I'm expecting the speed difference to be too small to notice.

> Regards,
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> Joshua Zhu
> Senior Software Engineer
> Server Platforms Team at Taobao
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