Is it possible to run a shared php-pool while keeping security?

Sylvia nginx-forum at
Sat Sep 15 13:35:25 UTC 2012

It will need to spawn the pool, if you're on ultra-cheap-ultra-low-powered
vps, this can be slow, because of slow cpu, low ram and very small disk
cache portion which belongs to your vps, on a dedicated machine with 2 GB
ram i dont notice any delays with spawning fpm pools on demand. Anyway i
dont see much options for you with 128 Megs,  even better configs can be
slow, depending on the vps provider and hypervisor they use.

Additional suggestion to you - remove PHP extensions which are not needed

anything except that list is most likely just hogging your RAM )

Make sure to install a PHP opcode cache (not less than 32M), it will hog its
own piece of RAM but will decrease RAM consumption for processing scripts,
i.e. Wordpress 28 Mb to 4 Mb, eaccelerator still can swap to disk
precompiled scripts, therefore (at my look) it will be the best choice (you
will need master branch from GIT for PHP 5.4)

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