fastcgi cache how-to cache for logged-in users and make it custom for each user

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Wed Sep 19 15:04:08 UTC 2012


Currently I'm doing cache using fastcgi_cache for non-logged-in users, and
using ( if + fastcgi_no_cache + fastcgi_cache_bypass ) to pass logged-in
users directly to backend which is PHP-FPM.

this work good enough, but when PHP-FPM start hitting 500+ req/s the
slow/load start. 

So what i'm thinking about is to create a cache for logged-in users and each
user has it's own cached files, is that possible? if yes can you please
provide me some tips about that. I've goggled a lot but nothing help with

the site running custom php cms with mysql and memcached and apc 


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