Nginx SSL for backend server, do I need another server?

Avi keinan avi.keinan at
Sat Jun 1 17:50:24 UTC 2013

> Hi, 
>> I'm going to open a website to deliver huge files over the internet with nginx, 
>> I'm planning to provide secure download (SSL) with nginx. 
>> But I don't know how much the cpu usage the ssl protocol will use, 
>> I already have lots of 2X Xeon(R) CPU E5-2609 servers, with tons of 7200RPM 3TB Sata in Raid6 to deliver the files, 
>> .
>> Each server should handle 250 downloads at the same time (4 servers with 1 10Gbit shared Port, with limit rate to 800K/S),
>> My question is very simple: 
>> Do i need another server(xeon 2609) for each existing server, to work as a frontend ssl server? 
>> Or if the ssl protocol will not consume so much cpu power? 
>> Thanks in advance, 
>> Avi.
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