fastcgi_read_timeout with PHP backend

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Wed Jun 5 12:50:49 UTC 2013


Non-broken tcpdump just confirms what was already said based on

> error log: nothing is seen from php after 18:48:45, and
> this results in the timeout at 18:50:45.  You have to dig into
> your code.
​I agree.

However, if you look at the output, you'll notice that the output is cut in
the middle of what is sent at 16:45:43.8 UTC.
The content of the array as printed by PHP in the TCP socket contains 29
elements (numbered from 0 to 28). The output is cut at the 24th.

All the following content sent by PHP (and... received by Nginx?) are not
displayed which produces the faulty browser output.

I understand there is a timeout at some point (PHP runs out of memory). It
seems that the error is not sent through the FastCGI tunnel and PHP simply
stops answering.
But that is another problem, not the main one I wanna outline here.​

*B. R.*
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