Check applied confirguration per container (http, server, location, etc.)

B.R. reallfqq-nginx at
Fri Jun 7 15:03:23 UTC 2013


I wondered if the foolowing improvement ideas had been aleready mentioned
or not and if they could prove useful.

1) Having the possibility of displaying the applied configuration for a
specific level in configuration hierarchy providing enough information to
identify it.
This would output all the configuration variables and their state for the
targeted  block.

nginx --block-check http
nginx --block-check server (no argument provided, would display a list of
servers with unique server ID
nginx --block-check server <unique server ID or if no existing
nginx --bloxk-check location <unique server ID> (would display a list
similar to the servers one for the locations of this server)
nginx --block-check location <unique server ID> <unique location ID>

Is Does it sound like gasworks?
*B. R.*
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