Nginx SPDY: Missing NPN Extension in SSL/TLS Handshake ?

George nginx-forum at
Sun Jun 9 05:10:05 UTC 2013

Hi guys, I've tried setting up CentOS 6.4, Nginx 1.4.1 with Google SPDY
support and used to check the site and all SPDY checks pass
except this notice:

Missing NPN Extension in SSL/TLS Handshake

Sorry, but this server is not including an NPN Entension during the SSL/TLS
handshake. The NPN Extension is an additional part of the SSL/TLS
ServerHello message which allows web servers to tell browsers they support
additional protocols, like SPDY. SSL/TLS servers that don't use send the NPN
Extension cannot use SPDY because they have no way to tell the browser to
use SPDY instead of HTTP.

What exactly am I missing from Nginx 1.4.1, openssl 1.0.1e and SPDY setup to
properly satisfy NPN Extension in SSL/TLS handshake ?

Chrome reports SPDY support fine though.


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