Need to add expires header conditionally based on mime types

Silver Moon m00n.silv3r at
Thu Jun 13 12:26:35 UTC 2013


I need to add expires headers conditionally based on a certain mime type.
For example add expires 7d to text/css

How to do this ?

So far I found that $sent_http_content_type contains the mime type that is
send in http response. But its not possible to put it in a if directive and
do expires

if ($sent_http_content_type = "text/css")
expires 7d;

will not work.

Also tried to create a map and try to hack around, but could not do it.

I cannot do on file based or specific directory location based because lots
of css/js content is generated from php files dynamically. And there are
multiple php files generating content.

I need a neat way to implement this, is it possible ?

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