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I'm sure it's something small you've overlooked.  Going to take a shot 
in the dark and say you've copy and pasted your server blocks and 
perhaps forgot to change something you needed to for that particular server.

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On 06/15/2013 09:39 PM, Paul N. Pace wrote:
> I have a server that I set up to run several domains from and it has
> worked great and without issue for about 6 months.
> I have another server that I had set up and was only running one
> domain from it and I just added a second domain. For some reason, this
> second server does not want to serve two domains, and I can find no
> substantial differences in the configuration files (nginx.conf and
> sites-available files).
> On both servers I put a symlink in the sites-enabled folder to the
> corresponding sites-available file.
> On the second, problematic server, when creating a symlink to the
> second site and restarting nginx, testing the second domain only
> brings up the first domain. Rebooting the server disables both domains
> and the server appears unresponsive, except that I can SSH into it.
> Then removing the symlink to the second domain and restarting nginx
> returns the server to serving the one domain as it has been doing.
> The first server is running nginx 1.5.0  and the second server is
> running nginx 1.4.1.
> What should I be looking at to resolve this issue?
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