Ignore broken SSL servers in config

Mark Moseley moseleymark at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 18:06:19 UTC 2013

Any nginx setting to say 'if a vhost's ssl settings are broken, skip it and
don't fail to start' ?

I've certainly RTFM'd this and peered at the source, but I figured I might
as well throw it out there, in case there's some hidden setting I've missed.

I'm building a reverse proxy config for thousands of SSL virtual hosts, to
replace an apache solution.

It very often happens that someone in support will make a mistake with
regards to certs/keys. E.g. updating someone's SSL cert but actually
putting the CSR there instead.

In apache, since the config is being generated out of mod_perl, I can get
around this situation by having mod_perl do a modulus check on the cert and
key and skip the vhost if they don't match. In my case, I'd far prefer to
have a missing vhost and have the other 1000 sites working, than all down.

And, yes, I realize in default apache, it'd just fail to load. And also,
yes, I realize asking something to ignore broken configs is a bit
non-standard :)

Since I don't have mod_perl at my fingertips in nginx to perform a similar
trick, the startup will just fail.

So I was curious if there's some obscure setting to tell nginx "if a vhost
fails to loads its cert properly (or potentially any other vhost setting),
skip it and continue loading the rest"?

If such a thing did exist, I imagine that the configtest would have to turn
errors for that vhost into warnings as well.

My guess is obviously 'no', but I figured asking woud only cost me the time
it takes to compose an email.
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