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Thu Jun 20 15:58:18 UTC 2013

Thanks for the feed back Reinis

I agree that the extended module ( is doing things right but it
is no more supported with nginx 1.3 or later and i think that patching
nginx core is not a good thing.

This way, the php-fpm status is a good alternative but we miss some metrics
like the client ip,Vhost (i can get it with the script path but i won't get
it if it's an alias), the status (reading, writting...)  and as you said
the list of current active request URLs. This is pretty important to debug
and apache serverstatus helped us several times so it will be great to have
the same on nginx.

Finally, i know that many admins (friends) don't use nginx for dynamic
content because of this miss and getting it will be a way to gain some more
percentage points of market share.

I will be interested to contribute but i haven't found anything about a
TODO list, do you have a link or something like this please?


2013/6/20 Reinis Rozitis <r at>

> But according to me and my team (and many other admins as far as i can
>> see), something important is really missing to push it in production. This
>> is the "extended status" (i mean something like the apache server-status)
> What are the "important" things in the "extended status" that you miss for
> the production use?
> Combined with the php-fpm own status ( pm.status_path ) you can get pretty
> much all the vital metrics the only exception being the list of current
> active request URLs and even then the problematic ones can be logged with
> the php-fpm's slow log (request_slowlog_timeout).
>  So my question is: Do you think that nginx dev team could do something in
>> that way? i think it will be a much better improvment than getting stuff
>> like SPDY or other experimental things.
> So to answer your question - while the dev team of nginx could probably
> work on more visually appealing status page (as far as I know it's on TODO
> list and you can always speed up theese things by either contributing the
> code yourself or using the nginx commercial support ( these
> "experimental things" are what have made nginx one of the fastest and
> feature richest webserver.
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