start time is out mp4

Richard Kearsley rkearsley at
Sat Jun 22 15:33:47 UTC 2013

I'm pretty sure I have found the cause,
All the videos I see it happening on have short audio (Audio stops 
before the video)

On 22/06/13 16:06, Richard Kearsley wrote:
> Hi
> I've been able to test a few videos myself and can see it happening
> Just to be clear, 99%+ seem to be fine and can seek right up to the end
> But on very few, seeking is only possible up to X seconds (X could be 
> at any point in the video)
> To seek after X, the error always happens
> However if I watch the video from start to end, it downloads the full 
> thing and can be watched to the end (the file isn't truncated)
> At this point I suppose it's either an error while creating the 
> metadata at the encoder software, or some odd circumstance which nginx 
> doesn't like
> The question is, which?
> Thanks

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