Problem configuring Nginx to host SpreeCommerce - 502 error

Joseph O. lists at
Wed Mar 6 14:53:38 UTC 2013

Ah, thank you. Removing the site configuration file did fix the gateway
error, but now the server is still pointing at the default Nginx welcome
page. Can you (or anyone else here) give me any advice on how to get the
server to point to my actual service?

BTW, you pointed out that there was an upstream Unicorn server
configured, something that I wasn't sure was necessary when I was
following the instructions; the Unicorn workers should in fact be on the
same host as the web server. I had thought that the way it was defined,
using a temporary socket, was correct for the layout I have, but it
sounds as if I misunderstood this (and probably a lot of other things).
Can you advise me on configuring the Unicorn workers correctly?

If there is any additional information or any other configuration files
which would help, please let me know.

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