Problem configuring Nginx to host SpreeCommerce - 502 error

Joseph O. lists at
Wed Mar 6 22:14:41 UTC 2013

*sigh* Clearly I am missing something here, as the only nginx.conf file 
I have is the one I posted last night. There is no upstream server; the 
code for that was from the example config file I was trying to modify 
for my purposes.

It seems that this copypasta approach isn't adequate for setting this up 
properly (I can't say I'm too surprised, but the Spree documentation I 
was going by implied that it would be), and that I will need to actually 
understand how Nginx works if I am to get anywhere with this. At this 
point, a tutorial or other documentation is probably what I need most. 
I had hoped that the problem was fairly simple, and could be fixed by 
some tweaking; it now is clear that the Spree documentation isn't work 
the electrons it is printed on.

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