HTTPS header missing from single server

Grant emailgrant at
Sun Mar 10 22:24:46 UTC 2013

>> How can I make nginx set the HTTPS header in a single http/https
>> server?
> What is "the HTTPS header"?

I meant to say HTTPS environment variable.

>> piwik with force_ssl=1 on apache goes into a redirect loop
>> because it doesn't know SSL is on due to the nginx reverse proxy.
> This sounds like one or more fastcgi_param key/value pairs are not set
> the way your application wants them to be set.
> is how you set them. And it
> includes an example with the $https variable, which is described in

I should have mentioned that I'm using proxy_pass.  I was able to get
it working like this:

proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto $scheme;

- Grant

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