Translating an F5 rule

WBrown at WBrown at
Tue Mar 19 18:05:18 UTC 2013

peter wrote on 03/19/2013 01:54:20 PM:

> You might find that you get most traction with open resty ? its an 
> nginx bundle project that includes ngx_lua, 
> HttpHeadersMoreModule and a bunch of other mopdules that are great 
> for transforming requests
> and implementing F5-like logic. I have been using it for six months 
> and its saved me a bunch of time
> and helped me get weird stuff done. The openresty mailing list is 
> very responsive.

Thank you for the suggestion.  OpenResty certainly looks like an 
interesting project adding lots of additional features/modules to the base 
nginx.  My requirements are fairly limited, so I don't need all the 
development features it offers.  If I get stymied with the base nginx plus 
specific modules (ie. headers-more-nginx-module-master) then I will try 

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