Too Many Redirects - CDN Rewrite Rule

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Thu Mar 21 22:48:43 UTC 2013

The reply I received from NetDNA after supplying the same information as I
did here is as follows:

"Too many redirects" is a legit message in this scenario - example: You are
redirecting TO ---> request
comes to CDN and CDN neds to cache this file from origin so it tries to
fetch from origin from location "" ---> request comes to
origin and redirect rule you made redirects this request back to CDN <---
this is where infinite loop starts.

This is not a proper way to implement CDN as you have to monitor who is
requesting your origin file so you could know whether it's a request you
want to redirect or not. The best way to handle this is to monitor our
anycast IPs and redirect everything except for those ips:

If you want to implement CDN this way, we can't support that implementation
as we don't really encourage our client to use this type of implementation.
The reason is quite simple: We are going to add new IP block that has to be
white listed and until you make update for your redirects rule you'll be
pushing infinite redirects to our servers causing service not to work until
you add new block as well.

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