Simple question about proxy cache

John Moore grails at
Fri Mar 22 11:39:17 UTC 2013

On 22/03/13 11:18, John Moore wrote:
> Actually, there is one final tweak I'd like. There are a number of
> different locations which I'd like to use the proxy cache for. I cannot
> repeat for each location the block where the cache log is defined (it
> rightly complains about duplication). So I have to define it at a server
> level instead. If I do this, though, then EVERY request for that server
> ends up being logged, even if there is no cache in force for the request
> location (i.e., the location has either 'proxy_cache off' or no
> proxy_cache definition. Is there a way I can configure things so that
> the only requests which are logged are ones from locations where a proxy
> cache is in force?

Sorry, please pretend I never wrote that! My problem was simply that I 
was defining the log_format in each location, hence the duplication. I 
can DEFINE it once at the server level and USE it multiple times at the 
location level without a problem.

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