uWSGI + Moin (subdir) + Nginx

Roberto De Ioris roberto at unbit.it
Mon Mar 25 18:00:35 UTC 2013

> Hi,
> I followed the example in:
> http://projects.unbit.it/uwsgi/wiki/Example#MoinMoinonlinenow
> However when I type domain/wiki I get a message that the page does not
> exist yet... which already tells me something is wrong, and also all my
> URL's are point to '/' not '/wiki'
> I can't seem to figure out why this happens... I tough using:
> uwsgi_param SCRIPT_NAME /wiki;
> uwsgi_modifier1 30;
> Would do the trick.... but It doesn't...

Do not use that trick, is pretty outdated and incredibly ugly.

Just let uWSGI do the SCRIPT_NAME rewrite, add the --manage-script-name to
the option (be sure to use the --mount way for loading moinmoin). The
nginx configuration will be simply

location /wiki {
    include uwsgi_params;
    uwsgi_pass ...;

Roberto De Ioris

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