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Ian Hobson ian.hobson at
Tue Oct 1 16:52:32 UTC 2013

Hi All,

I have an nginx install with the configuration below.

The server is a linux VM running under Virtual Box on my windows 
machine. The website / directory is made available as a sharename using 
Samba, which I connect to from Windows, so I can edit the files. I edit 
in windows, using familiar tools and then test using a browser, usually 
without restarting nginx or init-fastcgi.

This works fine for php files. When I edit one of two javascript files, 
the next request for a javascript file fails with a 500 error - even if 
the request is not for the changed file.

The version of nginx I am running is 1.2.6 compiled with the long 
polling module included.

Does anyone know what is happening?



This is my server confiig.

server {
     server_name coachmaster3.anake.hcs;
     listen   80;
     fastcgi_read_timeout  300;
     index index.php;
     root /home/ian/websites/coachmaster3dev/htdocs;
     location = / {
         rewrite ^ /index.php last;
     # serve php via fastcgi if it exists
     location ~ \.php$ {
         try_files $uri =404;
         include /etc/nginx/fastcgi_params;
         fastcgi_param  SCRIPT_FILENAME $document_root$fastcgi_script_name;
         fastcgi_param  CENTRAL_ROOT       $document_root;
         fastcgi_param  RESELLER_ROOT      $document_root;
         fastcgi_param HTTPS  OFF;
     # serve static files
     try_files $uri =404;
     # now to configure the long polling
     push_store_messages on;
     location /publish {
         set $push_channel_id $arg_id;
         push_message_timeout 30s;
         push_max_message_buffer_length 10;
     # public long-polling endpoint
     location /activity {
         push_subscriber_concurrency broadcast;
         set $push_channel_id $arg_id;
         default_type  text/plain;

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