Nginx Fastcgi_cache performance - Disk cached VS tmpfs cached VS serving static file

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Fri Oct 4 17:43:52 UTC 2013

As promised here are my stats on vmware 4 vcpus siege -c50 -b -t240s -i
gzip off, pagespeed off.

Transactions:                  898633 hits
Availability:                 100.00 %
Elapsed time:                 239.55 secs
Data transferred:           39087.92 MB
Response time:                  0.01 secs
Transaction rate:            3751.34 trans/sec
Throughput:                   163.17 MB/sec
Concurrency:                   49.83
Successful transactions:      898633
Failed transactions:               0
Longest transaction:            0.03
Shortest transaction:           0.00

If you want to paste your considerations on my stackoverflow question

I'll pick it as a correct anwser.

Now i'll set up static gzip serving and use comp level 1 for dynamic

Thanks alot. Best regards

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