Fwd: Fastcgi returning 404 and nginx overwriting it to 200

arkaitzj at gmail.com arkaitzj at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 12:45:49 UTC 2013

Hi all,

My version is 0.7.67-3 coming from Debian Squeeze.
I have tried with squeeze-backports which is version  1.2.1-2.2~bpo60+2 but
I got the same results.

I have reduced this to the smallest config for fastcgi available and it
still does the same.
There are no intercept_redirects directives or error_pages neither.

I have tried enabling the debug log and I see messages like "upstream split
a header line in FastCGI records"
Strace-ing it later I see the first few lines sent, like the status one are
splited in 2 recvfroms, but I assume this shouldn't be a problem.
I see clearly that nginx is receiving a 404 but sending back to the client
the output intact but a 200 ok.

Am I doing/assuming something wrong in here or could this be a bug?

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