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Mon Oct 7 01:36:47 UTC 2013

Hello, folks!

I have decided to announce abount ngx_small_light here.

ngx_small_light is the extension module for converting image dynamically
like NginxImageFilter.

ngx_small_light supports following features.

 * Supports following image-processing
  * Resize
  * Rotate
  * Sharpen, Unsharpen
  * Blur
  * Border
  * Canvas
  * Crop
  * Composition
  * JPEG down-scaling(except GD)
 * Supports following image-processing libraries
  * ImageMagick
  * Imlib2
  * GD
 * Supports following formats
  * JPEG
  * GIF(except Imlib2)
  * PNG

I developed and released first version of ngx_small_light last year.

Though I'm still developing and maintaining now,
as ngx_small_light grew to equip quit a lot of features,
I announce ngx_small_light anew.

If someone interests in ngx_small_light, I'm glad.

・Source code



 * https://github.com/cubicdaiya/ngx_small_light/wiki
 * https://github.com/cubicdaiya/ngx_small_light/wiki/Configuration

Tatsuhiko Kubo

E-Mail : cubicdaiya at gmail.com
HP      : http://cccis.jp/index_en.html
Blog    : http://cubicdaiya.github.com/blog/en/
Twitter : http://twitter.com/cubicdaiya
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