reverse proxy and nested locations

Wolfgang Hennerbichler wogri at
Mon Oct 7 20:31:15 UTC 2013

Hi list, 

I'd like to have an elegant reverse proxy configuration, where I allow specific sub-URIs behind the reverse-proxy-URL for specific IP Adresses. My intended configuration looks like this:  

  # TRAC
  location /trac {
    proxy_pass https://my.web.server:443/trac/;
    location /trac/project {
      deny all;

However, the location /trac/project does not inherit the proxy-pass directive. It works if I add 'proxy_pass https://my.web.server:443/trac/;' in the location /trac/project. This is redundant and I don't like that. 

I can't put the proxy_pass into the server directive, as this is a proxy-server that does different proxy passes according to different locations. 
Any help for solving this in an elegant way? 



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