How to ensure good performance for the first X number of visitors

Andrew Galdes andrew.galdes at
Tue Oct 8 08:35:52 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I'm looking for some guidance with Nginx. We have inherited a web-server
that experiences heavy load. The server is running: Ubuntu Server 12.4, 24
Cores, 50~GB RAM.

The CPU usage during peak time is 100%. Memory is about 50%.

The client has asked that we configure Nginx to give the best user
experience for the first X number of visitors while the others are 503'd.
So a visitor to the website can experience good usage from start to
purchase (it's a commerce site). While others who visit (over a threshold)
would get 503 errors. This would ensure that, if you can get in, your
experience would be nice. If you can't, 503 and try again later.

I see there are some modules that can do this with a recompile but we'd
rather not go down that path at this stage. Given that http is
session-less, i suppose cookies have been used to achieve this. Or based on
IP address.

Any thoughts?

-Andrew Galdes
Managing Director


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