[DOC] OpenSSL Cookbook v1.1 released (by Ivan Rictic)

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Wed Oct 9 06:19:43 UTC 2013

Hi List,

for thos of your who have to deal with SSL there is  a goodie,
released by Ivan Ristic; see

from the Blog:

OpenSSL Cookbook is a free ebook based around one chapter 
of my in-progress book Bulletproof SSL/TLS and PKI. 
The appendix contains the SSL/TLS Deployment Best Practices document
(re-published with permission from Qualys). In total, there's about 50 pages
text that covers the OpenSSL essentials, starting with installation, then
key and 
certificate management, and finally cipher suite configuration.

Download: https://www.feistyduck.com/books/openssl-cookbook/



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