nginx limit_rate if in location - strange behaviour - possible bug ?

Bozhidara Marinchovska quintessence at
Wed Oct 9 14:21:51 UTC 2013


nginx -V
nginx version: nginx/1.4.2
configure arguments: --prefix=/usr/local/etc/nginx --with-cc-opt='-I 
/usr/local/include' --with-ld-opt='-L /usr/local/lib' 
--sbin-path=/usr/local/sbin/nginx --pid-path=/var/run/ 
--error-log-path=/var/log/nginx-error.log --user=www --group=www 
--with-http_image_filter_module --with-http_stub_status_module 
--add-module=/usr/ports/www/nginx/work/naxsi-core-0.50/naxsi_src --with-pcre

FreeBSD 9.1-STABLE #0: Sat May 18 00:32:18 EEST 2013 amd64

I'm using limit_rate case if in location. Regarding documentation "if in 
location" context is avaiable.

My configuration is as follows:

location some_extension {

# case 1
if match_something {
root ...

# case 2
if match_another {
root ...

# else (case3)
root ...
something other ...
here it is placed also limit_rate / limit_after directives

There is a root inside location with a (strong) reason :) (nginx 
pitfails case "root inside location block - BAD").

When I open in my browser it matches 
case 3 from the cofiguration. Limit_rate/limit_after works correct as 
I want case1 not to have limit_rate / limit_after.

Test one:
In case1 I place limit_rate 0, case3 is the same limit_rate_after XXm; 
limit_rate some_rate. When I open in my browser URL matching case1 - 
limit_rate 0 is ignored. After hitting XXm from the file I get 
limit_rate from case 3.

Test 2:
In case 1 I place limit_rate_after 0; limit_rate 0, case3 is the same 
limit_rate_after XXm; limit_rate some rate. When I open in my browser 
URL matching case 1 - limit_rate_after 0 and limit_rate 0 are ignored. 
Worst is that when I try to download the file, I even didn't match case3 
- my download starts from the first MB with limit_rate bandwidth from case3.

Both tests are made in interval from 20 minutes, 1 connection from my 
IP, etc.

I don't post my whole configuration, because may be it is unnessesary. 
If cases are with http_referer.

Case 1 - if I see referer some_referer, I do something. (here I don't 
want to place any limits)
Case 2 - If I see another referer , I do something else.
Case 3 - Else ... something other (here I have some limits)

I'm sure I match case1 when I test (nginx-error.log with debug say it), 
I mean my configuration with cases is working as expected, the new thing 
is limit_rate and limit_rate_after which is not working as expected.

Any thoughts ? Meanwhile I will test on another version.


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