Quick performance deterioration when No. of clients increases

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn dennisml at conversis.de
Fri Oct 11 11:24:33 UTC 2013

On 11.10.2013 10:18, Steve Holdoway wrote:
> The ultimate bottleneck in any setup like this is usually raw cpu
> power.  A single virtual core doesn't look like it'll hack it. You've
> got 35 php processes serving 250 users, and I think it's just spread a
> bit thin.
> Apart from adding cores, there are 2 things I'd suggest looking at
>   - are you using an opcode cacher? APC ( install via pecl to get the
> latest ) works really well with php in fpm... allocate plenty of memory
> to it too

APC is sort of deprecated though (at least the opcode cache part) in 
favor of zend-opcache which is integrated in php 5.5.


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