limit_req_zone: How to apply only to some requests containing some string in the URL?

Brian08275660 nginx-forum at
Wed Oct 23 17:38:28 UTC 2013

Thanks a lot Francis! Now I just have to learn how to use the custom
variables and the "map" directive. I haven't ever used them before, never
needed them. 
By the way, it will be easier than what I thought. I decided to ask my users
to add an extra parameter, something like "&capacity=3X" instead of "hiding"
some characters in the key that would indicate what to do. So at least I
wont have to make a lot of effort with the regular expressions, the
parameter will be very clear. My logic will chech its value and apply the
respective limit.

Its interesting how weird is the configuration of Nginx. No XML tags, but
weird directives that are not really straightforward.

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