HttpLimitReqModule delivers "nginx/1.4.3" as a message for HTTP status code 429. Too generic!

Brian08275660 nginx-forum at
Sun Oct 27 03:43:29 UTC 2013


I'm doing this:  limit_req_status 429;

The module HttpLimitReqModule delivers "nginx/1.4.3" (at least with version
1.4.3) as a message for the HTTP status code 429. That is too generic and
not useful at all. Why doesn't it deliver a "Too Many Requests" message
instead of that? It is absurd, useless.

Not only that, but the HTML response that comes with an HTTP 503 status (the
default status when they exceed the limits) is something descriptive, that
informs the HTTP status code and message. But with the HTTP status code 429
we get an empty HTML response!

Can this be solved?


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