Various debugging info not shown (

Alex alex at
Sun Oct 27 09:30:53 UTC 2013


I am trying to debug handshakes and ticket reuse. Lot's of debugging
information is shown in my error_log, but some info is skipped.
Specifically, info from: /src/event/ngx_event_openssl.c. For example,

ngx_log_debug3(NGX_LOG_DEBUG_EVENT, c->log, 0,
               "ssl new session: %08XD:%d:%d",
               hash, sess->session_id_length, len);

ngx_log_debug2(NGX_LOG_DEBUG_EVENT, c->log, 0,
               "ssl get session: %08XD:%d", hash, len);

Don't seem to be executed - i.e. neither is shown in my logs. On the
other hand

if (SSL_session_reused(c->ssl->connection)) {
    ngx_log_debug0(NGX_LOG_DEBUG_EVENT, c->log, 0,
                   "SSL reused session");

get's executed, i.e. "SSL reused session" is shown in the logs.

Any ideas?


My setup:

nginx 1.5.6, with --with-debug compiled

in nginx.conf, events { debug_connection: <myip> }

site uses SSL, with ssl_session_cache shared:SSL:10m; and
ssl_session_timeout 1680m; SSL configuration is working fine.

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